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Love shopping? Want to gift some goodies to your loved ones? But can you not find it in your nearby shops, or they are not authentic, perhaps? AirPostNow is here to solve it all for you. Shop in Australia from Bangladesh and get stuff at your doorstep. Also, AirPostNow will take care of all the customs fees & taxes, so you can shop hassle-free. No extra or hidden charge from you.

AirPostNow is A Bangladesh-Australia based B2C platform that brings you authentic products from overseas (mainly from Australia).

It is simple, AirPostNow itself is a shopping platform. But if the shoppers need something that is not on AirPostNow, shoppers search their desired products from their favorite websites that are based in Australia and then go to, fill out the product(s)’ description; and make a customized request. And then, AirPostNow calculates the total payable amount. If the shoppers find it reasonable enough, they confirm the purchase. AirPostNow promises to get the products delivered within the shortest period (and it does not exceed a maximum of 3-8 weeks).
The world we are living in now is simply a borderless global village. And in this era of globalization, AirPostNow was born with a visionary idea to provide the privileged access to world-class products to everyone, from beyond borders. Whether it’s cutting-edge consumer gadgets, your favorite merchandise, snickers, makeup products, ornaments from your favorite brands or even medications that are rare in some parts of the world but not so unusual in others, we guarantee that we will make it reach out to you.

Last but not the least, we do definitely not accept the goods that are illegal; and most significantly, we would like to avoid paying the high costs spent in case they exceed our estimation (we definitely inform you if any inconvenience arises).

Stay with us in the process of creating a better world that is more adequately accessible to everyone.

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